Among us are NGOs, charities, academics, thinktanks, journalists, factcheckers and activists. In February 2019 we joined together in response to the rising tide of manipulated information – in the news, on social media and across our public discourse – which we believe to be an existential threat to democracy.

Through the Open Information Partnership we pool our resources to increase our individual and collective strength, through peer-to-peer learning, open information exchange and skill-sharing. We help each other to do what we already do – but more of it, and better. This means that our network can grow in scale and impact, so we’re able to give more people access to clear data and fact-based reporting.

Democracy cannot thrive without honest, accurate and freely available information about the world around us.

At the Open Information Partnership we believe that democracy cannot thrive without honest, accurate and freely available facts about the world around us. The only way to beat the manipulation of information is through open discourse and critical thinking: we need to know where our information is coming from, we need to know the motives (good, bad or neither) of those providing the information, and we need to be in the habit of thinking critically about everything we read and hear.

Every one of us has the right to be properly informed – that knowledge gives us strength. Every one of us shares responsibility for informed engagement and critical thinking, to challenge the powerful and uncover the truth. The Open Information Partnership is just one small part of that – we provide trustworthy facts and sources for everyone. Because an engaged population, equipped with clarity and the truth, is the foundation for a world where we can all enjoy greater equality and greater peace.

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