Our work

Our partners and member organisations work tirelessly to combat the spread of disinformation – conducting research, analysis and investigations, producing reports, publishing articles and developing tools and methodologies. Below you can find links to some examples of our multifaceted commitment to countering disinformation.


Weekly Misinformation Review

Slovak Security Policy Institute | Slovakia

A summary of the most interesting events that took place in the Czech Republic and abroad in the last week, compiled by the editorial office of the antipropaganda.sk portal.

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Investigating Russia’s role and the Kremlin’s interference in the 2019 European Parliament elections

Political Capital | Hungary

A study published by Political Capital and its research partners.

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How to find a lie within 2 minutes

Debunk.eu | Lithuania

Lithuanian experts have developed a system that allows journalists to quickly catch and debunk Russian disinformation.

Russians in Europe: Nobody’s Tool – the examples of Finland, Germany and Estonia

International Centre for Defence & Security | Estonia

This analysis calls for European governments to pay greater attention to the resilience of their societies, starting with the integration of minorities.

How to measure the Kremlin’s propaganda on YouTube?

National Centre of Defence & Security Awareness | Estonia

Research article by NCDSA analysts into the use of YouTube in the spread of disinfo.

Propaganda Through Sport || Deconstruction with Edmundas Jakilaitis

Laisves TV | Lithuania

Video series investigating various contexts for manipulated information in Lithuanian media sphere.

Disinformation Newsletter

Coda Story | Georgia

Subscribe to Coda’s newsletter covering international cases of disinformation and catch up on their stories to date.

To shut down or not to shut down Russian TV channels in Armenia

Union of Informed Citizens, FIP.am | Armenia

Article discussing possible responses to Kremlin media influence in Armenia.

Features of anti-media manipulation and misinformation during election campaigns

Detector Media | Ukraine

Article analysing the patterns of disinformation surrounding the 2019 Ukrainian Parliamentary elections.

Russian Influence in the Media Sectors of the Black Sea Countries: Tools, Narratives and Policy Options for Building Resilience

Centre for the Study of Democracy | Bulgaria

Report examining Russia’s presence and tactics in the media sectors of five Black Sea countries.

Disinformation Resilience in Central and Eastern Europe

Centre for East European Policy Studies | Latvia

This research is aimed at assessing national vulnerabilities and preparedness to counteract foreign-led disinformation in 14 countries of Eastern and Central Europe.

Monitoring elections in Belarus

Memo 98

Analysis of media and social media in Belarus in the build-up to Presidential elections on 9th August, showing that while President Lukashenka dominated traditional state media, he failed to take into account an organic opposition movement on social media platforms.

New Report on The Bronze Soldier Crisis of 2007 in Estonia: Revisiting an Early Case of Hybrid Conflict

International Centre for Defence and Security | Estonia

The report revisits the spring 2007 crisis in Estonia, centred on the WWII memorial known as the Bronze Soldier statue. It offers an overview of Russia’s understanding of the use of hybrid means and insights into how these means were used to bring rioters onto the streets.